ROTR summer special

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( Need flash 8 or higher to see every thing )I decided to start summer off with this ROTR summer special. Not only is it as funny as ROTR 1, but it also has sound effects, people have been wanting me to put sound effects in since the first ROTR, well, happy summer from EMM, the company that makes ROTR.


that was great

that was funny and it had a great point to it i give it a 9/10

I did not enjoy this movie?

This movie would be reviewed in italics if reviewed in a genuine publication of any kind. With that in mind, however, I am a homosexual man living on the outskirsts of Cleavland, New Jersey. Now, I cant say much for this particullar animation, but one animation i truly enjoyed was Toy Story by Pixar and Disney. That was a fine film. Keep up the good work.


it needs speech not writing but has a pretty good lesson to it anyway
it isnt 100% funny but it would be alright for a government drink drive awareness advert lol

evilmutantmonkey responds:


I thought it was okay

It had a pretty good message underneath it i mean it dosnt have to be funny

evilmutantmonkey responds:

Sure it has to be funny, that was the whole point in making it lol, but thanks for the pretty good review dude.

Not much of a point to watching this.

All I can say is: I sat down to watch it, and when I had gotten up again, I had nothing more than what I went in with. There is no substance to this video at all. Sure if you pay attention you're rewarded with a small inside joke regarding arms, beer and cars, but otherwise you just get to sit there watching some text turn into more text on your screen.

I know you say it's a "summer special" and as such isn't supposed to have much of a plot or story to it, but then I would pose the question to you: why would I watch it?

evilmutantmonkey responds:

You're the one controlling the mouse dude, you didn't have to watch it.

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2.34 / 5.00

Jun 28, 2007
1:39 AM EDT
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