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No Influence Commercial
The Quest for the Truth!
EDIT: I simply cant believe some of you think i am the one against weed. This is a spoof off those really lame anti drug commercials in the US, which are with the same graphics.


To the guy under me

to spike6091: i think the flash was suppose to immitate and make fun of the Above the Influence commercials,not "basha da ganja."

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it depends

take time to make a decent flash regardless of the message.

weed does not kill. youd have to smoke a pount a minute to die from it. and its not the tch that is hardful to your body its the plant itself from burning off the smoke. but if you use a vape u only burn the tch which does not cause lung cancer or side effect of any kind. do your homework b4 you basha da ganja

Just not very good

Its poorly animated and way too slow.

Spend more time and up the pace.

As for the message - what's bullshit - that weed doesn't kill

Hey you are right! - it only increases heart disease and lung cancer rates as much as smoking tobacco and that's harmless too, right?

It also leads to mental illness and suicide, plus it leads to antimotivational syndrome, ie turns healthy energetic people into stoner slackers who think thats a good way to be just cos they are happy so fuck society, we'll just sponge and smoke dope.

This sort of thing impresses students and stoners but not me mate. Smoke dope fine. just don't kid yourself it's good for you. In the long run it's not.

sktslime responds:

You are completely wrong. Is it alcohols falt if someone quits their job and becomes an alcoholic? Dont blame the plant. I wont say anything else because you are just so wrong.

Good intention, but this is not the place for it.

I hated those epidsodes of 7th Heaven way back when where all they did was pick on a random "flaw" of society (that may or may not have been a universally bad thing) and did nothing the whole episode but obviously state that you shouldn't do that.

It's fine to make a video that contains a message like that, heck it's even fine to make a video whose main point is to promote that message. However, there has to be a reason to watch said video beyond learning a lesson.

Uhhh well

So I think the flash it self sucked, along with the sound and well you get the point. But as for the message, your right, no one can OD on weed. Its unbelievable that we continue to teach such BS. The LD50 of Marjuina is along the lines of about 500,000 Pounds. Which means I could have started at 8 and died at about 100 smoking anywhere between 10-25 joints a day and not ODed. Very few deaths result from smoking Marjuina . So you can put that in your pipe smoke it.

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Jun 28, 2007
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