Beat Bounce

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MOVE: Left and Right
PAUSE: space

Hey guys, here's a game for the Rock Out contest, I tried to not use the overplayed 'play up' idea and make something different but still rythym-esque, I guess I tried.

It's a little complicated to start of with but you'll get the hang of it eventually.



Pretty well thought out...

A few problems for me...Although it was well thought out pixels hurt eyes if they're too big shrink everything down a little.

There was no sync here...I didn't like that. The timing between each balls dropping wasn't too good. WAY TOO FAST. Also you couldn't see where the next ball was dropping from so most of the time you end up hitting the spikes. Improve these things and I think you have a winner.

Psycosis91 responds:

Well it was synced, mabye it's just your computer but it syncs fine for me. Each ball drops at the top left and top right alternatively, and the balls switch in and out every 4 bounces (4 bars of music). After 4 bounces you control the other ball. so if you hold right after one ball bounces for the 4th time, the other ball will instantly go right. It's pretty complicated but after a while you don't think about it.

Not very good...

I really didn't feel the synchronization here. I hate the style, the pixels hurt my eyes to no belief. I didn't know what was going on. Try not using pixels, or not as large pixels and synchronize it better, it is a good idea but poorly executed in my opinion.

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Psycosis91 responds:

:( oh well, thanks for the review.


this games prtty good


This is my favorite Rock Out contest submission thus far. The music, style, and gameplay are all unique, and it was a rhythm game that was original and fun. I admire the work put into this one, hope it wins. Congrats!


Complicated, yet very addictive

This was a very fun game. I also liked the sprite aspect of it. The preloader was also awesome, good to see a unique one.

The gameplay was challenging at first, but gradually you get the hang of it. Hopefully, the NG audience gives it a good score no matter the difficulty. Awesome game Psycosis, wish you best of luck in the contest!


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2.92 / 5.00

Jun 27, 2007
3:24 PM EDT