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ooh luigi

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Author Comments

this is my first crap i iam bussy with a better project.



Middle of the road.
I kinda liked it, kinda didn't.
I liked the ending music.
So anyways, it was passable.

leroyboy responds:

wow i realy made crap 3 years ago :O

Kinda Funny

it was pretty funny... XD


This is crap! The only part that was kind of cool was at the beginning when he shot Mario's name from the title and then exclaimed "Yeah!" when his name came down in its place. I'll admit that although it was still kind of corny, it made me chuckle a bit and moreover it made me anticipate a nice little tribute to Luigi. Maybe he would go on a quest saving the world while along the time defaceing various tributes to his fat twin brother but still saving the world and at the end he would confront Mario and punch him in the face or something. Yeah, dumb storyline but at least it somewhat makes sense. Luigi has been more or less negelected by Nintendo ever since the later part of the SNES-era and it would make sense that he'd be a little resentful of that. None the less, he's still a good guy and would be unlikely to want to murder Toad who hasn't wronged him in any way. Yeah, he MIGHT want to kill Mario but even that's far-fetched.

As for the taking over the world part...can you explain hi desire to take over the world? Is he on drugs? Did he snap after his jealousy took over his reasoning? How about remaking this and explaining why he is going postal. This leaves too much up to the imagination and that fact leaves the movie as being nothing but a depiction of a good character commiting random acts of violence for no apparent reason.

I'm not saying that Luigi has to be a "good guy" in every single flash movie ever made that he's in. I'm just saying that when he acts evil, there should be an explanation as he is a good guy in the agame. If it were Bowser, there wouldn't need to be an explanation because he's generally perceived as evil. I know everything isn't "black and white" ast that, but flash movies depicting characters generally perceived to be good as being evil need to be though out very carefully in order for them to work. This just doesn't cut it. Sorry.


It was alright. The fatality thing was funny and the destroying world thing was kind of wierd, but I liked it.

I know Luigi's kind of a joke, but...

Why would Luigi want to kill Toad? For that matter why would Luigi want to destroy the world?

It was a well designed movie - the graphics were somewhat pixelly here and there, and some of the sounds (particularily the explosion) seemed much louder than was neccesary, but otherwise the design was top notch.

Your choice of story, however, confuses and irritates me.

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Credits & Info

1.87 / 5.00

Jun 27, 2007
2:00 PM EDT
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