Slaughter I

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A short horror movie in a dark forest...

I didnt wanted to make a big storyline in this flash...just a short creepy flash!

Hope you like it! :)



This is quite a spine chilling flash. I'd lie to see an entire movie, maybe with a beginning to explain who the girl is, and why she's bound to the tree. Nevertheless, great job!

Very Freaky.

Nice job on the short flash, it was very creepy, usually from what I see in the portal, "shorts" are usually poor, this one did its justice for being a short, brief and brutal, got straight to the point, I liked it. But I'm a guy who likes story, if you ever make another, such as this one continuing on or one similiar, atleast give a small description as to how the victim ended up in those parts in the first place, and where the monster came from, well tell the monster part later :P, keeps ya wondering that way.

Short review for a great short flash! Great job I liked it.

You should have saved this for a NG event for Halloween or something, I'm sure this would have gotten you great points. =)

MpGrill responds:

Thanks for your ¬°short¬° review.
Maybe I will make something like part 2 with a storyline...


amazing flash1
You did a great job!

no but am creeped out

this movie is awesome. event though it is short, the ambience and all of the sounds are what is scary. the animation looks nice and the movie overall is a gem that you should watch a.s.a.p. since it is under judgement. i only wish it had more background to it. oh well. great movie anyway.


That was fucking awsome dude!!! Just freakin' awsome!!! the only thing i thought was wierd was she was screaming out her living daylights with duct tape over her mouth. how does that happen? Other than that great job! also beautiful graphics way better than some other crap on this site! and the creepy sound was just too perfect for words!!

MpGrill responds:

..Maybe the monster took the tape from her mouth..

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4.08 / 5.00

Jun 27, 2007
10:23 AM EDT