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Fletcher Fields 10

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My 81st movie.

The 10th in the "Fletcher Fields" series, and i promise this one has no surprises. =)

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Mekeninzo, you are quite the g4y.......

i love this series. Every episode's end surprises me and leaves me laughing. Mekeninzo, this is an interesting and unique concept, and if you don't think so, stop watching, your poor attempts at humor and flaming are becoming extremely dull :S. Getting back to the series, keep the unpredictability and humor coming! 5/5 ^-^

Yo Yo Yo It's Mekeninzo...

It's me I'm back... and I see you've taken yet another bit of my advice...

the musics changed! hurray! But... I'm not so sure it suits this vid...
probably shoulda kept the original intro music... and then at the last moment change the music like you always do.. into this music..
keeping the music steady kinda ruins the surprise...

background change is a little odd but still nice..

and I see the consept has changed a little... also good... but still.. not very interresting...

and you've also... once again have no plot...

so my tips for today is!

1# find an interresting concept
2# once agian stop insulting the viewers...
3# get yourself a nice tall glass of plot...
4# maybe get some random violence.. everyone likes that...
5# increase the length of the running time
6# improve graphics...
7# Tacos rule!

and I'm giving it a 2 just because you took some of my advice... yay! :)

wallpaperman responds:

i find your reviews uninformative and irritating. i refuse to read past the 2nd line where it says ive taken your advice, because its obviously the first part in a long string of false information.

and your still a fucktard


haha great!
oh wait this review wanst verry helpfull at all..to bad
well i have to say i really like that fletcher feilds :)
is there gonna be a number 11?

I'm upset. All my reviews have been deleted!

This has some slight alterations to your previous movies and isn't as bad. But please develop this series to something meaningful. I'll give you 1 because you have changed it but I still don't like this or you for insulting most of your reviewers

wallpaperman responds:

i dont like you cuz your a faggot.

Not bad.

It still reminds of salad fingers. I watched also FF 06, and well... only thing that changed was thing Fletcher wanted to show us.

Still, movie got nice graphic, no speech synth so it's not bad.

wallpaperman responds:

fletcher has plenty of things to show us. come join the tea party with us