Speed Gaycer

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Author Comments

Animation is from an episode of Speed Racer. Voice done by TomaMoto, AdhesiveSpatula and a special appearance by Hikari42/The CrazyLady (from Attack of the Evil TV) as Trixie. Please enjoy the fandub ^_^. I look forward to sharing more with newgrounds in the future.

Check my VA Resume at http://voice.tomamoto.com

NOTE: While I didn't want to include the disclaimer (it's just a fun clip, after all), I felt it necessary because my last submission was whistled off the portal. I believe that using original animation for a fandub is no different in principle from using ripped sprites from retail video games. There is a double-standard among the Newgrounds community and I hope to have some part in eliminating it.

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Woo, this takes me back! The 'do not blam' message took way too long (a way to click past that would've been nice... for re-playability) but apart from that it was a fun watch, these dubs are a part of the golden era of NG, simple entertain as it is best. Keep it going!


Bum bum

The audio and video quality seem a little lower (I know the latter doesn't have anything to do with what you did), which could be part of why some people didn't like it as much. But I didn't know there was that kind of discrimination on this site. I guess anime dubs aren't the first or second thing I think of when I think NG, either. Anyway, this was pretty good. Not my favorite, but it was funny. I particularly liked the whole conversation at the start about types of porn or whatever. They talk about anal rape and child/animal porn like it's nothing, haha.


i have no idea why this is so downvoted

i lolled

it might not be as funny as the avatar dub, but it was pretty awesome, even though i didnt watch the movie or the animation. i didnt know a shit of what was going on, but hell yeah!


I am really suprised this did not catch on. I thought it would be a huge phenomenom like your other flashes. My friend and I discovered this piece of art right after we saw Speed Racer. I was not impressed by the movie in theaters, so I needed a parody to get it off my mind. You really came through with this submission. Anyway, I hope your score goes up and I'll ask that you get into the parodies toons collection.

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4.29 / 5.00

Jun 26, 2007
12:09 AM EDT
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