Joe and Joey in College

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Well, there are only 2 easter eggs in this one. I'm busting ass trying to get the conclusion to this, but I'm writing this in conjunction with a good friend here before he moves away for good... I've got about a week. Grrrr.. ANYWAY! This is a toon based on 4 years of inside jokes between a philosophy and religion major, an actor, and a psychologist. Whoooo! Ok, I'm gonna go eat some food. FIREBALL!


Total Gayness

What kind of rat bastard would think of making such a complete piece of shite? This short bites in all sorts of ways: bad sound, annoying voice overs, terrible graphics, total lack of humor or anything remotely funny, mindless plot development... I could go on forever, baby. Ditch Joe and Joey and watch College University if you want a college toon that passes with high marks.

this wuz great


GREAT MOVIE = with secrets!

ok if you're wondering why this movie is almost 5MB and it's so short then you have to WATCH AGAIN. There are two easter eggs:
- Click on the fireball near the begining of the movie when it says 'click the fireball'.
- When the black sock jumps past click on it. (You can also get this easter egg by right clicking and selecting 'play' at the THE END screen.
There are bound to be more easter eggs but I can't find any more. GREAT MOVIE DADDY GWEEDO!!

who's your daddy? Daddy Gweedo is.

Yes. I watched it. Fuck you. All I have to say, cutie, is that ...it's a different kind. ALL the love, you gigalo.

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2.87 / 5.00

Dec 8, 2001
5:43 PM EST
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