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Binky's Quest

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Author Comments

Kind of like Alien Hominid . . .with a Koala Bear.

You get a new weapon after defeating bosses (sort of like megaman). You fight a boss after every four levels.

Here it is Folks! This is the fruit of very much hard labor. Enjoy!!

p – pause the game
Arrow keys to move
z – shoot
x - hold still
spacebar - jump

The game is best played in Internet Explorer, so firefox users, if the game is running slow for you, sorry but try using IE instead. IE will play it about twice as fast. If the game still runs slow for you, try playing this scaled down version at www.jonahtaylor.com/binky squest . If that still runs terribly slow, you can download the stand alone version there as well.

Binky's Quest is an old school platform-style game with 20 levels of gameplay. Journey through four types of terrain and defeat four boss stages to win. You are a tiny, blue, alien Koala bear creature named Binky, and you must save your planet from an alien virus which is transforming all of the cute and cuddly creatures into evil psyborg monsters.

A little info behind the game -- This game started out as a computer science web programming final class project. I had dabbled a little bit in making flash games, and thought it would be fun to do a group game project. Basically when the project was complete, we had the basic engine, weapon's system, and AI system all setup and one level created. After the class was over, the game pretty much sat around for about a year. I thought it had a lot of potential, and thought it would be sad if all this work went to waste, so I finished the game with some help and ideas from Josh and James. I created lots of new art, fixed some bugs and made bosses and implemented a high score system. Although Binky's Quest was made using Flash 8, it only utilizes the programming features that have been around since flash 5. Hope you all enjoy this. It's pretty much the largest scale, most demanding project I've ever taken on.

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This game is cool

They who hate this game just doesn't know how to make game better than this.

Binky's Quest

Okay. Binky's Quest already has a few things going for it. a blue koala? thats epic. cant beat that. and a leaf gun that actually shoots bullets. seeing that makes me think "hey this game is going to be fun." but. yes theres a but. this game isnt as fun as it looks. theres no story to it. kinda bland. and you move really quickly. like you will most likely always miss a platform your trying to jump on because of how quick it is. anyways Binky's Quest has a few things going for it but sadly has more problems then good things. 3/10 2/5.


I like the speed, but the jump is much to high, and the art is confusing
you expect the land tiles to be proberly solid, not clouds, and the boulders look like the can be pushed.
Those are some factors I don't like, but it is actually quite nicer game.

I liked it.

At least the controls were not delayed like some other games on here. Wish there were things to collect and use though. But stll one of the best simpler games I've played on here.

pretty good

i actually liked the game ignore the haters they just dont know how to play

Credits & Info

2.65 / 5.00

Jun 25, 2007
6:26 PM EDT