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Of course I admit nothing can be better than pong.
your board is controlled by your mouse and it has the basic concept of pong but with bit of an excess on the Random(#); function. welcome to any comments and any 5's.


This started out as a game with some crushed up tin foil, a table and using our hands as the boards but i have developed it with power ups and some cool sounds.

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Well i have to say that its hard to make a new version of pong and make it still as entertaining as the original but you did really well here, the only problem i had was with the stopping when the ball would come close to the spaceship and then stop it just seemed to slow down the momentum, i liked your graphics and all those stats that you had in the top left and right and i also liked the background music. Overall a well done game.


oversword responds:

thanks for the great review man. the thing where it stopped when it got close to you was to do with lagging. with the graphics and the music my game is very laggy at times. the second part to this game (which i am creating as we type) has simpler stuff and runs smoother. it has also been thought through allot more than the last 1. I'm probs bringing it out it a couple of months tops so look out for it. ill make sure i put the stats in the new game too. :D:D

Not Bad.

I don't make flash, but i do play games and there was a couple of things i would have liked to be a bit different.

firstly i think the bat should be controlled by the arrow keys, or the number keys for smoother control as the bat kinda drifts with the mouse, it doesn't feel smooth or precise, it needs a feel of more instant control. either that or pin the board to the mouse. But using the arrow keys would restrict it's speed, something that you need in a 'pong' game.

The ball moving in random directions was kinda good, though as a practical gameplay element i think it should revolve around a 'power up' system rather than just randomly taking place, the onus would be on the player to take advantage of the phyics system. Plus knowing what the power up equated too, so you could prepare against it too.

A tournament mode would be a very good edition as well. Like a 10 game difficulty progression, the first obviously being easy, the last extremely hard. I think it would add some much needed depth to the game, a possible online multiplay would be excellent too but that is probably impractical.

The basic sounds were ok, they function well for the game. maybe a few effects for power up collecting, hitting the side walls and a sort of 'score' noise could add to the atmosphere. The music, is good tho, it suits the mood of the game. I thank you for using my tune. I did notice though once it had finished that it didnt loop, there was just silence after that, maybe you should loop it or add a few different tunes, some simple loops and what not.

Graphically it wasn't astounding, but they weren't too bad either, the bats looked good as did the board and ball, maybe a customisation of colours for the bat/ball would be nice and also an addition of a couple of different playing boards, they would just add touches of depth to the overall game.

overall though it's not bad, it needs a bit of work in places and has potential to develop into a very good game. I understand it'd probably hard to implement the things i suggested but if you could i think it would benefit the game significantly.

oversword responds:

to do all those things to this game would be almost impossible. but i am working on a second part and have thought about some of these features and can definitely include almost all of them. however i have no idea in hell of how to create an Internet dual player...so that is off the list. i was looking through the rest of your tunes and could not really find another to fit the general atmosphere, but i have considered "insomnimaniac" and have not really looked that far into your collection, so, if you think u have one that would fit well i would be pleased to use it. i think ur music is excellent. :D. i definitely need to work on the music thing. i was having major problems cos i started the game from the main playing field and kinda worked my way backwards, which made my game a tangled mess of random bits of things.


The bar moved annoyingly slow, the ball moved in weird random directions at times and wasnt ever explained as to why it might be like that....

oversword responds:

i think it was explained in the game explination hence "with bit of an excess on the Random(#); function." it just makes the game more intresting i think. less like pong.


hey. just so you know, i did not actually vote for this game....I can't get the damn thing to work. i press play and it tells me to click anywhere, and I do. And then i see a ball floating in the middle of the board....could you please help me? It would be greatly appreciated....thanks.

-bahamalama out-

p.s. what I do see so far (the graphics and music) are actually really good.

oversword responds:

sorry! yeah i broke my own game for a seccond there. whilst i was trying to get the loader to work. should do it now tho. sory for the inconvinience but thanks for the 10 for graphics.

bad for a pong game

What was with the random movement? Winning based on luck... And crappy mouse movement..

Its better then the average submissions on the portal but its crap for a pong game, im sorry! Keep trying and make it a little bit better :)

oversword responds:

the ball is only meant to swerve. every frame it adds random(2); to the swerving which i don't think is too much. it may be that your machine is a bit laggy cos my game does use allot of CPU. lower the quality a bit maybe. i no i should lower the quality of the graphics as well which i will get on to. :D

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1.90 / 5.00

Jun 25, 2007
3:15 PM EDT
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