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Jun 25, 2007 | 2:31 PM EDT

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Author Comments

This is really short and probably not worth your time, i made it when i saw my brothers hamster chewing at his bars trying to get out so desperately, it really makes me sad, and wish that I could set him free, but it inspired me to make this, not the greatest, but if you've ever lost or loved a pet, you'll understand.

p.s. sorry for the lack of replay, i tried but there was an error, i will try and fix it, lol

and plus if the same thing happens in my last one, you may need to run it on low quality, really really sorry if thats the case, Im a noob i admit!



Rated 5 / 5 stars


I am very very impressed with this animation.
the creator, Alex, is a very talented being.
Keep up the grrrreeeat work!!

Avenging-angel responds:

Lol, thankyou


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Yeah I can see what you are getting at.

I can see that you think hamsters are locked up in a tiny cramped cage but we feed them change their bed change their water. So we look after them we keep them alive... So basiccly WE'RE GOD! This was good graphics but the reason wwas not the same as others.

Avenging-angel responds:

ARRGH! DUDE! you are another who has MISSED the point entirely! its not to be taken literally, really it is a projection of my own feelings, i see the hamster, trapped in this cage, caught in such a basic schedule, gets cleaned, gets fed, he was born into this existence, and yes he may not feel the same, but i feel pity towards this creature who has never known freedom. Which really everybody and everything should.
And to assume we're God over another species is both a perfect sentiment of human kinds idiocy, ignorance, and basic arrogance


Rated 3 / 5 stars

not too acurate, but good. very good.

good animation and art and a bit of a styory...good good.

anyways, i could go on about how a hamster persieves its cage and the humans that tend to it, but i wont. i basicly say that it dosent persieve its cage as a prison but a home, beacuse its all its known, and its humans feed it and chnage its water, so it recpects them as god like creatures controlling its life. also, ive had 4 hamsters, and they arent mean enough to bite people unless they're young or abused or confused. my currect one has a big tumor and cancer, so im sad.

good flash anyways

Avenging-angel responds:

dude, you've missed the point entirely, the cage may not be like a prison to the hamster, but i still feel this relentless desperation for escape from him.
The reason i made it this was because i felt sorry for the little guy, and yes he may percieve me as a godlike fugure, (bringing up the theory, do animals have a god, or are they in fact more intelligent than we are?)
I find it sad and slightly disgusting that they have been born into this environment, taken away from the wild, and never being free, which in some cases projects my own feelings, and i see it through this hamster. him being a hamster, he possibly doesn't share the same feelings, so please don't look at it for its literal meaning, look for the deeper meaning, everything has a right to be free.
*sorry if i waffled there, lol*


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


this reminded me of my african spiny mice. they alway tried to get out of the cage, but i could never stomach the thought of losing them. one died of a brain tumor and the other got sick.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


very good, keep up the good work.

im going suggest you for the goth collection cause this just seems like it belongs and make more stuff like this :]