Going for a walk pt1

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I booked a week off work sick to make this cartoon for me and my friends to smoke cannabis to. It worked a treat.
I got stoned and got full pay.


Holy shit!

Dude, that was one of the most amazing flash's i have ever seen. I got up and smoked two bowls from my gravity bong. I called over my bro to smoke out. After a joint i was baked, and decided it would be fun to search cannabis on newgrounds. And i found this. I never thought such trippy amazing animations can be created. Every time i get baked, im watching this video. My mind was reeling, you opened another door in my mind.

Peace out, Hope you never have a bad trip. Continue to make such amazing animations.

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HandsomeWarrior responds:

Thanks a lot! You are too kind! It's cool to hear from someone who watched this baked as it was intended!
You might be the only person who got the full trip! HAHA!
Thanks! And I hope that you never have a bad trip either!

Keep on Blazin'!


this is cool

the whole wierd dream thing is a nice idea. what collection do u want me to recomend this for?????

HandsomeWarrior responds:

Thanks again, jitterman! I don't know if they have a collection for this sort of thing?
I'm glad you liked this- I've got some other flashes like this one that I just need to finish off (if I can find the time).
Thanks again dude!

Very surreal...

I loved this movie it was very cool and stylish.
The graphics are great.
The only part I didn't like was the sound.
but otherwise it was awesome.

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HandsomeWarrior responds:

Thanks dude! I'm gald you got the vibe! It was a pleasure!

Pretty Trippy

The movie was pretty weird. It was like the last part of the movie The Animatrix (if you haven't seen it, rent it).

At the beginning the characters didn't move that fluently, but later on they did. Some of the places didn't look to pretty either. But overall graphically it was pretty good.

The music was awesome. And the idea was pretty cool. I saw your robocop thing, and didn't really like it, so Going for a Walk blew that out of the water.

Nice job (4 on side)

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HandsomeWarrior responds:

Thanks dude! This was my first cartoon so I didn't know what I was doing.
I will rent out Animatrix and check it out. I like when people recommend stuff to "broaden the horizon", so to speak.
Thanks for the good review! PEACE!

Totally not what I expected.

You know, when compared to your other flashes, this is a masterpiece. I actually watched the beginning only because it caught my eye the way you presented the scene. The angle you took was different and I liked that. The graphics weren't spectacular by any means but subtle things made it awesome. Like the reflections in the water, the gear machine apparatus, etc. I didn't like the way the dog was made but that's just me.

Looks like that week off work did actually pay off. Keep up the good work and next time, don't make the end scene go back to the opening menu, make it more professional. Make the opening scene where the loading bar is just a single color screen and then when the movie is done, have a replay button.


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HandsomeWarrior responds:

Thanks for the review dude!
The reason the end scene goes back to the start is so me and my friend could watch it on a loop while we entered higher states of mind. Seriously, it's really trippy even to me and I'm the one who made it.
I probably should have chucked a replay button in there before putting it on the web but you live and learn.
My only other flash at the moment is a video of me playing Robocop on a sinclair spectrum while stoned. I've got some other proper ones which I might submit when I've got time (I could even book a week off work sick).
Thanks for your nice review. PEACE!

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Jun 24, 2007
2:28 PM EDT
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