In the alley...

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A man clings on desperately to life in some alley... little does he know, emotions are a powerful lure for unwanted visitors...
Finally the fifth addition to the series...("in the.")


Into the Abyss

Did I write a review for this?
I don't think I did, so:

This near ancient series closes without so much as a hint of relevance from the author, and rightly so. The aesthetic of it will be lost on many...so much unexplained content pushes this into obscurity as the 'emotional symbol' wanders around trying to make itself known, in each of these clips; which is a view to what is beyond the reckoning of most people. (It could be well known by those who exist outside of or socially-acceptable fabric of existence; but it's a case of either those who know or don't know about it.) Definately hard to pinpoint the theory of this without talking to the author extensively, but it might be safe to say that this is more than it seems. Along with the others in the series, the truth about it may only be known to those who watch and "get it", and to the creator of these flashes. I somewhat do, and as far as I know, it's darker than you think.

Too noisy!!

I couldn't go on watching coz I couldn't stand the noise, my ears gone crazy, 3/10


I had no idea what was going on from start to finish.

Fix the mouth movements!

The way the mouths move are shit, please fix it, also don't use such an annyoing song and add a play/pause button please and a scene selection.

Quite Decent..

it was quite decent.. smooth graphics.. but i dont get the point of this flash.. i know theres a little hidden meaning which i dont know..

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2.75 / 5.00

Jun 24, 2007
6:01 AM EDT
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