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Epic Riffs

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EDIT- We removed most glitches :P

Use your mouse to line the note catcher up with the box the note is landing in. You don't need to click.

Pressing space puts you in slow-motion temporarily, use this to your advantage.

In high score mode there are power-ups that will fall whilst you are playing. If you can use slow-motion to your advantage, you can catch them and boost your score immensely!


We worked really hard to bring you a fun rhythm game, we started right after the contest was announced, and we have to submit it now because I'm going away for awhile, but we sincerely hope you enjoy this game.

I will respond to reviews when I come back!



No rank for level 3 for me

Kinda hard to control, but the idea is so good that i cant help but rate high.

People may need to turn down their mouse sens for this, i might try play this on my wii in a sec and tell you how it goes.

In fact brb im going to try.


Yeah not bad when i turn the quality down it lags takes ages to load.
If you had the slowdown on a mouse button left click it can be a great wii game!

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That was the best thing to be submitted to this rock out thing yet,it just has one problem that all other rock out games have,and its a big one,the stinkin music isnt even affected by how well the player does,its gay really,but Im guessing thats either hard or imposiible to do with flash.
anyways congrats,you deserve that 360 elite way more than the other guys.

awesome rhythm game!

That was really good. I found it really well programmed, and hardly glitched. The music were also well-chosen.

I just have one question. Were you by any chance influenced by Guitar Hero? The game story seemed like it was.

Great game, though! If this doesn't do well, I'll be shocked.

Meebs responds:

Well it's sort of hard to not take bits from guitar hero :)
We tried to be as original as we could though.

Good art, glitchy coding.

The graphics were superb but the coding was glitchy. I had the hand thing on one thing the whole time and I clicked at exactly the right moment and no matter were it was it'd count. It was good but not the absolutely best.

Meebs responds:

Sorry, it was a glitch with how big we made the glow on the note catcher, should be fixed when I update the file.

By the way, you don't need to click.


This is by far the best rhythm game I've seen on NG! My only complaint is that it was far to short... what's the use of codes if you can just zip past the levels anyway? The last one gave me major trouble though! Great Job!

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3.64 / 5.00

Jun 23, 2007
9:29 PM EDT