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*If laggy, lower quality and turn off filters (button on bottom of main menu*

Everything by me!

First AS3 and musically sync'd project I've ever done. For the Rockout Contest. I'm going away on vacation, and won't be back until after the end of the contest. Not wanting to be left out, I threw this together over the last couple days. Enjoy! :D


Is this even a game?

You dont even have to move, just sit in a corner. Its playing on the last song right now, I dont even have to play the game to win it.

Way too simple...

I gave your interactivity a 2 because even as I write this I have the game on by itself and if I place the ship at the bottom of the screen I can just leave it there and listen to the music. It wont die, it just loses some shield. Way to easy if I dont even have to play the game to beat it.

I also noticed the odd frame movement to this game, just seems kind of random. The was no real variation in the game. Just some cool songs (I really liked your selection) and some decent graphics. Please put more thought into the actual gameplay next time. Good luck on future flashes!

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Loved it

great graphics, loved the firing timed with the music. Great take on an old favorite.

Well it worked fine for me

This was awesome, I love the grooviness. It's good fun to play a take on a classic arcade-style game, but it's even better when it feels like the whole universe is rocking out with you. Kudos, broseph.

I don't feel the rhythm here...

I just dont get it! The asteroids have nothing to do with the song. The stage starts and stops at random moments completly independent of the song it seems. It just makes absolutly no sense. If it was lagging I wouldnt be able to tell since I couldnt see what normal looked like since it was so random. This was just awful to play, you never knew what was going on.

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3.42 / 5.00

Jun 23, 2007
11:33 AM EDT