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Edit2: Ive just responded to 5 pages of reviews, and from now on, Ill respond to all new ones too ;)
EDIT: OMG!? 3.97? You guys rock! :P
Hey Newgrounds,
Heres something we've been working on for the rockout competition. The idea is to catch the falling notes (Which synchronize with the music) with your paddle.
However, there are twists and turns in the Medium and hard difficulty levels, so be sure to try them all. In easy difficulty, you just simply catch the notes with the paddle. In medium, you have to catch them as they bounce off a wall, moving at weird angles. In Hard mode, you must go inbetween catching the notes, and playing DDR, so try and stay concentrated. Thanks a ton. We both put a lot of work into this game, and we hope you enjoy it.
-ToasterDemon and El Presidente


Pretty good game

I like this!
The only problem is, some mouses aren't as good as others, so I think you should add the option of using the keyboard.
Instead of just three songs, and they are the difficulties, maybe add lots of songs. Then all of the songs would have a difficulty level. Like the green songs would be easy, yellow medium, red hard. That would be kool.

only a few words...


great job

ok, maybe it is jut a little repeating..... but it is great quite addicting....
Great job

Nice Job

thatt was a cool game. the last one on hard setting reminded me of FFR (FlashFlash Revolution). i made one of the scores.


Not THAT bad... but.... well... how to put this in a good way....

First of all, it was all extremely easy, except for the DDR part.

Only reason it wasnt easy is because the arrows were whack.

Please fix this... Make it more challenging, Fix the bouncing part so they don't basically all land in the same area, and put the arrows from the DDR part into the DDR Left,Down,Up,Right Sequence so it aint as confusing. After all that, I would given you atleast a 7 or 8.

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3.44 / 5.00

Jun 23, 2007
12:11 AM EDT