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Edit2: Ive just responded to 5 pages of reviews, and from now on, Ill respond to all new ones too ;)
EDIT: OMG!? 3.97? You guys rock! :P
Hey Newgrounds,
Heres something we've been working on for the rockout competition. The idea is to catch the falling notes (Which synchronize with the music) with your paddle.
However, there are twists and turns in the Medium and hard difficulty levels, so be sure to try them all. In easy difficulty, you just simply catch the notes with the paddle. In medium, you have to catch them as they bounce off a wall, moving at weird angles. In Hard mode, you must go inbetween catching the notes, and playing DDR, so try and stay concentrated. Thanks a ton. We both put a lot of work into this game, and we hope you enjoy it.
-ToasterDemon and El Presidente



Well, this game is nice and stuff, i just wanted to know why you put the up down left right arrows where everin that little box. As preferred to

< V ^ >

Btw : what was the song on hard mode? k,thnx,bye

its a beat off

the game was fun and challenging. the music wasnt very varied though. it would have been better had you allowed the player to choose the song and the difficulty instead of choosing the difficulty and automatically getting a default song. what i dont understand is how people got their score up into the millions on easy! whoah!!!!
great game though
p.s. of the 5 music related games ive played on newgrounds all of them (including yours) have had the same loading screen. pico on guitar and someone else on drums. did all of you pick that loading screen or does newgrounds automatically give RockOut games that loading screen?

ToasterDemon responds:

All rockout entries are supposed to have that preloader. ;)

it was ok..

look it was a good game but i think it was rushed because I have played loads of these types of games before and this one didn't hit the mark. Im sorry. the music was good, the graphics could use some work and so could the interactivity, I just found it slightly boring and the fun I had was short lived because it was very simple. there wasn't to much songs and difference between each song, the only one I could spot was that you added small differences to make it harder 5/10



I've seen better, good thought bad game. Especially the DDR part, at least try to keep the diff arrows going to the safe place that corresponds with their actual placin gin real DDR (Ie. the ^ arrow doesn't land everywhere, but in one fixed position)

catch the balls?

the thing with flash is, it will never have such framerate that makes it compatible to follow a beat, flash isnt build like that somehow, you can never achieve perfect beat timing for a frame -for unlimited time. it allways unsynchs eventually
thats why this game is uesless because it doesnt follow the beat eventually and catch the ball is boring

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3.44 / 5.00

Jun 23, 2007
12:11 AM EDT