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Beat Catcher

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Edit2: Ive just responded to 5 pages of reviews, and from now on, Ill respond to all new ones too ;)
EDIT: OMG!? 3.97? You guys rock! :P
Hey Newgrounds,
Heres something we've been working on for the rockout competition. The idea is to catch the falling notes (Which synchronize with the music) with your paddle.
However, there are twists and turns in the Medium and hard difficulty levels, so be sure to try them all. In easy difficulty, you just simply catch the notes with the paddle. In medium, you have to catch them as they bounce off a wall, moving at weird angles. In Hard mode, you must go inbetween catching the notes, and playing DDR, so try and stay concentrated. Thanks a ton. We both put a lot of work into this game, and we hope you enjoy it.
-ToasterDemon and El Presidente


Ahh great game...

The game is perfect but I found one thing I didn't like about it and that was the combo meter being in the middle of the screen. It was very distracting for stage number 2. Stage number three is challenging and I really like it! You should make a second one with more songs then difficulty for those songs, then it'd be a PERFECT game. Great job.

Good, not great

This game is what the title says, you catch beats!
But actually, they were only 3 songs, but all uniquly tied into the gameplay. It was fun, but if you had only 1 play mode, I would've voted you down.


nice game though!!!

way to short.

the game failed to be long enough for my standards, but i guess it was still prettyy cool. =D

good one

that was a pretty sweet game for the RockOut Contest... one of the best i've seen thus far. this one here was a lot of fun to play, had great audio fron the audio portal, offered some nice entertainment and it was definitely worthy of being on the NG front page and win an award.

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3.44 / 5.00

Jun 23, 2007
12:11 AM EDT