Night of the sticky dead5

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I never thought I'd actually finish it but finally I decided to. You don't actually have to view any of the previous parts before you see this, the previous parts are quite poorly animated and the last time I checked stick figure animations aren't too popular on newgrounds. I hope this will be accepted though. I put on a lot of effort for the gore, I tell ya that.

About 90% of the material is from about 3 years ago, I must have been like 12 or 13 when I began working on it.
I hope the fans of my older NOTSD parts are still around to see this. Sorry guys for not having the classic speech boubles that used to be filled with grammar and spelling errors + cornyness.

About the voice acting, all voiceovers are mine and I'm not a terribly good voice actor but... it works. In order to make some voices seem different I pitched some lines about -2 or -3. Also, sorry about the piss poor sound quality but I had to make all sound in the movie much, much worse than originally just because the movie was 10,1 mbs big, max size on newgrounds is 10 mbs. FUCK!

If you like this, don't be expecting part 6. I'm way too lazy. I've pretty much stopped flash animating. I hope people will enjoy this, my last big flash movie.

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whats the song on the main menu

whats the song that loops on the title screen plzzz ell me i heard this on my bus to school this morning

WolfySnackrib responds:

The song is called Owner of a lonely heart.
At least I think that's the one. You owe me a 10 for me telling you what song I used! Grr.


wow the faces is so detailed that maked them look ugly.. and how that guy on the toilet die?

WolfySnackrib responds:

Too much KFC... probably... or he just died taking a dump and didn't turn zombie for some reason.


are u planning 2 make more cuz u rock at dis

WolfySnackrib responds:

I bought a wacom tablet recently and I had an idea about making part 6 without stick figures. Like a fade from stick figures into meaty fleshy human characters.



WolfySnackrib responds:

Have heart. I'm considering making Part 6. I will go back to doing silly doodle graphics. Like I mean I'll put in some creative effort in the gore, but try and maintain the charm of the old ones, with the crappy misspelled dialogue and hammy characters and dialogue. So I'm going to try to keep what made the old ones fun, and I'm gonna add some new ideas.


and a sad ending.........

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Jun 22, 2007
1:26 PM EDT
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