Tomb Chess

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This game is based on Chinese chess (a variation call blind chess), but has distinctly different rules to western chess. Make sure you read the instructions in the game before you play.


Unoriginal concept, original delivery.

This game is based on a certain form of Chinese chess, in which the ideas are the similar... yadda yadda yadda.... but on to the review.

Yes the concept if ripped, but the delivery is in a new manner of using a graveyard. Some like it, but personally, it creeped me out, it should have a warning for mild violence,

The graphics look half-baked at some points, and the rest is a ghost-horror fest, this game is definitely not for people who hate the horror genre.

I like this game a lot

My suggestions mainly have to do with the draw mechanism. In this game, 25 moves sometimes just isn't enough, there's a lot of shuffling that you want to do to get your pawns or whatever in the right place. You should make it so that after 25 moves of inaction, the player has the OPTION to take a draw.
Also, your computer AI (even on "genius") is pretty stupid, but that's OK, the main problem is that it goes into infinite loops chasing one unit back and forth with another. Maybe that's a flaw in the structure of the game--that it is so prone to draws--but the AI could be programmed to detect a repeated sequence of moves and avoid repeating moves unless there is a big disadvantage if it doesn't repeat.

It's a pretty fun game, there are only 3 units worth much: pawns, kings, and queens. The other 3 units are only useful for killing pawns.

Great game, well worth my time

Technically, this is a Stratego variant, not Chess... as the 'hidden pieces' and 'weakest piece beats strongest piece' mechanics demonstrate. Nomenclature aside, it's a very good game, and despite the randomness of truly hidden pieces, there's still a lot of strategy involved in uncovering the pieces (or digging up graves, if you prefer), particularly in considering what pieces have and have not been revealed yet. Great game, definitely worth playing again.

Nice... reminds me of Game of the Generals though

... rather than chess. Not bad, I like it. Sometimes, it often comes down to luck. I get a weak one then he shows up with a better unit beside me. I get a King, then he gets a pawn beside me with no way to run. Still, it's good.


This game is actually a whole heck of a lot closer to Stratego than it is to chess, but who am I to say anything? I really like the concept of this game, and to some extent, the execution as well (the music, in particular, is perfect). There's just one thing that bothers me. Well, two things, actually.

1) On a continuum of luck and skill, chess is a game of 100% skill. It's good to take a solid concept like that and throw in some luck, but I think you've thrown in far too much here. Think of luck in games as ketchup on a burger; it adds some flavor, but if you glob on too much, it just ruins the whole thing.

The fact that my King might appear on the second turn and the enemy might choose the square next to him and pull up a Ghost when there's nowhere for my King to run...well, that's really no fun. What's even worse is that if you lose your king and queen and your opponent still has his queen, you're completely screwed. There is no way to survive at that point. It might be a good idea to let ghosts take out the queen, just to keep things interesting in situations like that.

Other suggestions: you should consider leaving some spaces free of tombstones, setting in advance the number of units of each kind, and other things to make gameplay a little more predictable.

2) Every piece moves exactly one space. I'm sorry, but that's kind of dull. It turns every match into an elaborate game of rock paper scissors, essentially. Giving some pieces different types of movement would add another layer of tactics to things. To do this well, you might need to increase the size of the board. I'm sure you can figure it out.

Anyway, good work on the whole. I look forward to seeing if you can improve on this!

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Jun 22, 2007
12:01 AM EDT
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