Solar sternstem 06

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HE has now reached saturn.

I suck at author comments.

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Why is this movie succeeding? It's a flash loop of a spacedude just floating there! I'll give it this much: the static effect was good. But a 1.89 in score and an existence of 4 weeks is a bit much for 2 cents of effort.

And those comments you keep getting with 10/10 (!) are doing nothing to ease my suspicions.

Sternman, I love you

Let me love you physically!

I give you all of my 5 again and again, but still you're always gone in the morning and you never call me. Is it because of the screaming? I'll stuff a rag in my mouth next time, I swear. Please, I only have so many 5 to give.

Nice, very nice

We tried so hard, and got so far, and in the end it did matter.

We didn't fall and lose it all, so in the end Im a little happier.

possibly-yodd responds:

WW is my hero.

herrrrrrrrrrrro ^_^


i feel tempted to say this one wasnt THAT GREAT or anything...again (compared to previous Solar Sternstem 05)

possibly-yodd responds:

IT was great and we all know it.

10 for the Pre-loader.......

Any thats about to watch this and can see my review please read this first.

It sucks.....im sorry but if your gonna make me get into the whole flash, the first 15 seconds shouldn't be some retarded guy in glasses floating in a space-suit with some stupid guy singing gibberish is the backround, but I guess im the stupid one for sitting there watching it for that long.

Just wow....was that supposed to be some kind of artistic junk?!?!
I always see some crap like this all over the internet, even on TV, stuff like this might get on AOTS, just like Happy Tree Friends.....sad.....The only thing i liked was the pre-loader with the cartoon.I can't believe it took 10 people to make a Huge Pile of BlAm.

Not trying to be rude but, thats not being creative with when you cut a picture of someone onto a suit, make him float up and down, then put static in the front of it....Please no more....

Credits & Info

3.44 / 5.00

Jun 21, 2007
11:39 PM EDT
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