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HACKware ep. 4

rated 3.57 / 5 stars
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Jun 21, 2007 | 8:59 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Welcome back friends!

Long have we waited for this release. No more. HACKware Episode 4, "My Dinner with Dylan" is complete. After joining HACKware, Dylan is still learning more about the other three (why couldn't he do that in their counseling session?) While browsing a photo album, they come across puctures of them at Disneyland. Cam tells the whole story. In this episode, Dylan completes his transition from the square he was in episode 2 into a hardcore gamer-pirate-metalhead.


Sudden Flash Group



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Good Job!

Yay another one! True the animation needs work but its getting much better than the three before. I did not like the square bus and isnt disney land in Florida.

Sudden-Flash responds:

god Tim, how thick are you? lol, I've honestly told you a million times that Disney WORLD is in Florida, including while you were writing this review! I was right behind you when you wrote it and said, "no it's in California, it's Disney WORLD that's in Florida," and you asked it anyways. That's not stupid, that's just stubborn lol.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

moderatly funny but animation needs some work

Though the animation was good...there were some minor issues that kinda bothered the fact that you could always see the characters teeth...but it was decently funny, I did feel that the film was too started to get boring...overall i felt that it was a good flash film

Sudden-Flash responds:

Of course my animation needs work. I get better with each episode, and I am always improving.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Not Bad...

I've been waiting for this Flash for a while. A while ago I saw HACKware 3 in The Portal and thought it was pretty good, so I checked out the others, and thought they were pretty good as well. Moving on to this one, however, I thought it was pretty good.

Humor was decent, I laughed quite a few times, especially at the, "One of my pancakes is eating the other" bit, that was awesome. Some parts I thought were kinda lame, like when the two guys sitting at the table in the beginning laughed in that high pitched squirrel voice, that kind of ruined the, "What would I do in the bathroom for 30 minutes" joke.

I thought the sound quality was better than the other cartoons, but as far as the actual voice acting went, I didn't like it much. It would have been a whole lot funnier if the voices didn't sound so emotionless, and exactly like you were reading from a script.

And now I've arrived at style and graphics. I know a few other reviewers before me have mentioned this, but it reminded me a lot of the Super Flash Bros. I noticed that the moment I saw HACKware for the very first time-I pressed play, saw what it looked like, and immediately said to myself, "The Super Flash Bros are in this guy's fave authors list." One thing that really reminds me of them are the mouths-They are exactly like the mouths in the tutorials on and on the characters in Decline, so I would suggest changing those around. The graphics have improved quite a lot, I was actually quite impressed. But once again, try tweaking some things here and there to make it more your own.

And one more thing before I wrap up this overly long review- The quality could have been better, overall. Some lines were unevn or different sizes or sticking out where they shouldn't have been, and small stuff like that. If you just make sure the graphics look neat and presentable, I'm sure it would get a higher score. It's small stuff like that can help a Flash. I'm not saying the graphics were bad-just clean them up a little.

So once again, good job on this Flash, and I hope to see more from you! Also, I'm sorry for the length of this review.

-MiKE Alba

Sudden-Flash responds:

please, don't appologize for the long review, they are so much more useful than ones like "U ROOL DOOD!" or "GO DIE!" I can actually learn something from these types of reviews. Thanks for the honest review, the funny thing is, the SFB are on my fav. list, and the mouths used to be EXACLY like the mouths from edcline, they are different now, but not much, you're right. I try very hard to fix up the graphics (sometimes i think tweaking vector points is even harder than pixels... or maybe not lol). Anyway, will try harder from now on. The voice actors are not profsional, they are just friends of mine, we try our hardest to get the lines good. And we are all improving. In particular, Brad is getting a lot better. Shannon is also great, I really need to give her bigger parts to play in the episodes.



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


This was great! The style was very much like the Flash Brothers style, and the humor was... hilarious! My favorite part was either when he jumps out the window or the fireproof animal... You earned 3.20 votes of 5! Keep making more!

Sudden-Flash responds:

One of my main influences is SFB, so of course I learned how to animate based on their style. Thanks for the kudos, we plan to make another four episodes.


Rated 0 / 5 stars

uhm ok, atleast give credit...

Dim and Dan of the flash brothers own this style of flash.... and you copied them down almost exactly....

Sudden-Flash responds:

I have credited them several times before, plus, my style was based off there's. Plus, if you look closely you'll find that my style is quite different. you could have at least credited me for all the other good stuff like the writing, the art and the effort. But no, I guess I will have to suffer this unfair review because I was inspired by someone else's work.