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Now there's an easter egg if you can find it. If you find it, PM me to tell me how crappy it is. No hints, you're on your own, :D

"Good tutorial"-Winned
"pretty good overall tutorial"-AnalogStick
"good work"-Cerberus-Impulse
"you have helped me"-133T-soilder

I said Frame 2 instead of scene 2 in that one part, sorry about the confusion. Updated it so it actually says frame 2.

I updated the end. Nothing much. I might throw in an easter egg or two when I have the time.

Due to request, I updated it, with easier to read text and bigger screen.

O ya! It past judgment! Thank you newgrounds!
Okay, so far 4 people have put it on there favorite flash list. It's a pretty decent flash I think. Let me tell you a little secret: I respond to all reviews.

Okay, this is my first flash. It's a tutorial for people that don't have flash but want it but don't have $600. It is for Liveswif, the free flash tool. This tutorial was made with Liveswif. In it are plenty of useful features to help you make a decent flash, and you don't have to pay for the program or the tutorial! 100% free!
Keywords: Star Wars Lightsaber tutorial Liveswif Liveswifers Flash


Radial Fill = Meh

I'm not a big fan of how the radial fill looks, it just seems a bit tacky and the tutorial didn't seem the most professional but you obviously knew what you were talking about. Other than that, this tutorial was extremely helpful on getting started with LiveSWIF, thanks a lot!


but how do you add music in background pm if you know :(

great tutureal

it helped me alot, i was having the same problem as the guy before me, but i looked at the scripted for the preloader, and i saw the ;

Problem Alert

Excellent tutorial, but how do i make the button start the animation? I put Play() into the button action script and stop in the frame action script, but pushing my button does nothing... HELP

Raptor-Llama responds:

As Blockhead said, SEMI COLON! SEMI COLON!

good but..

i still don't know how to make a movie clip with sprites, do you know how to do that?

Raptor-Llama responds:

Just rip the sprites and animate them.

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Jun 21, 2007
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