SkullHead 'New Home'

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The Latest instalment of the SkullHead series.
Hope you enjoy it :D

Many thanx to you all for the constructive reviews, it really matters ;)

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Loved this. You somehow made a disembodied bouncing skull into a cute, cuddly creature. Would love to see more of this in the future.

That was fun.

It was like a well-drawn stream of counciousness. There wasn't much of a plot beyond the setting. I loved it. It was random without being too crazy, and the style was so sweet.

I've gotten so jaded that floating skulls seem warm and fuzzy...


Great thingy
I don't see anything you can impove on
Too drawn out? How it that possible!

Keep Up the good work ;)

ha that was awesome

found that quite entertaining keep it up! liked the music. agree with the last review could see that as a mini series on tv! yeah thought that was really good! 5/5. maybe just maybe some bits were a bit too drawn out, like the skull chasing the fly. could have been shorter but thats just me trying to think of criticisms :D

Well done

This has the potential to be a cartoon series on Nicktoons or Nickelodeon, I think you should enter the Nicktoons film festival. You do however need a little bit better animation and maybe a more detailed storyline, but this seems like a Nicktoons short so maybe that's not realy in order, however voice overs would be a nice edition, oh and a play button would be convinient. Anyway I enjoyed this submission and have 5'd it,
Save the Earth
Keep it pimpin'
BN out

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3.94 / 5.00

Jun 21, 2007
2:10 PM EDT
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