SkullHead 'New Home'

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The Latest instalment of the SkullHead series.
Hope you enjoy it :D

Many thanx to you all for the constructive reviews, it really matters ;)

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hmmm subtext

i don't know if u meant it but this flash is like an analogy to what happend in New Orleans.
other than that very nice work.

not bad

I thought it was pretty funny, especially the spider.


wow...that...was..........AWES OME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! luved it! deffinitly funny!!! :-p

i liked it

really good. i like the details you have. the spider was really random too =P. i like snoopy's cameo too

Very fun little short with a lot of potential

Great graphics and animation, and it seemed very professional and well thought out. I also liked that you weren't afraid to be a bit random here and there, like with the spider fishing, surfing, speedboating (where does he GET all those wonderful toys?).

However, like others, my gripe really is with the sound. The skull is a great character, and the whole thing has a very Tom and Jerry feel, but its missing 1 of 2 things. If you want to go the no-dialogue route that's fine, but my suggestion would be to supplement that with more sound effects. His growl was great, but if you remember in the old Tom and Jerrys where everything they did had a sound attributed to it. Tom peering around a corner had that high pitched violin sound, each foot step was effected not just by them walking, but HOW they were walking. You had some of this in there, but not enough I thought.

The other side of the coin is give the Skull some dialogue and a voice. I can see a lot of potential for some very funny dialogue coming out of him...and while I'm offering suggestions, what if you were to up the scale a bit? What if it was a whole society of skulls, each with different quirks and characters. Kinda like the smurfs with skulls haha, and you have the main skull as your protagonist. Perhaps a little too close to something like Grim Fandango, but would be cool, no?

Anyway, good job, can't wait to see more!

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3.94 / 5.00

Jun 21, 2007
2:10 PM EDT
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