SkullHead 'New Home'

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The Latest instalment of the SkullHead series.
Hope you enjoy it :D

Many thanx to you all for the constructive reviews, it really matters ;)

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Very well made. It was very funny. The spider cracked me up. The random bunny was funny too. Good works. Wish it had more series.

Hey, we've gota director

I liked the sound and music direction, and the pacing was good. If only the graphics made up for the dearth of real jokes... Though the thing with the spider was clever.

(p.s. - don't you just love the anonymity of the internet, allowing us to make awful, racist jokes about natural disasters, like the last guy?)


I thought it was fairly funny especially with the lounging spider, keep it up!

As for the whole New Orleans thing... is every flood an analogy to Katrina? I bet when he saw Evan Almighty he thought they were making fun of New Orleans and when he read the bible he just got extremly angry and threw it across the room.

sub par but fits together.

makron how the in the FUCK did you get similarities from katrina to this?
people like you seriously annoy the living hell out of me.

Anyway, Decent work. Wasnt AWESOME by any means but a nice little basic cartoon. Look forward to improvements.

hmmm subtext

i don't know if u meant it but this flash is like an analogy to what happend in New Orleans.
other than that very nice work.

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3.94 / 5.00

Jun 21, 2007
2:10 PM EDT
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