Ragdoll - Stair Fall 2

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http://www.kynetik-art.co m/view_Stairfall2.html

---- Deluxe version can be found @ http://www.hallpass.com/m edia/stairfall2.html ----
(delete the space between " m edia " )

- better blood
- more articulated ragdoll
- improved physics
- added challenge - walk ragdoll down safely (please capture/record this feat, id love to watch it)

Hurl a ragdoll down a flight of stairs to inflict as much pain as possible. Please leave a review with your best score.

-- Audio creds --
BGM Fat Boy Slim "Acid 8000" (resampled and looped)
SFX LucasArts (misc grunts from JK:JA)


It as good.

I wish i could have done more stuff to him than just throw 'em down the stairs. But i managed to only get 500.

Meh. (but pretty good!)

Im a massive fan but i think this is not your best game but still it is pretty awesome. Sorry but 7 is probably (i think so) the lowest score ive given one of ur submissons.

Nice game.

The ragdoll physics looked well made.
This seems to be a fad for this game, so, my best was 871.

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its fun

After several attempts, my score was 554...

Compared to everyone else, it's kind of pathetic. I don't think it's actually possible to get over 1000, though because falling straight down, without hitting any stairs, deals around 400 damage. The maximum I've seen from a hit on the stairs is around 75 or so... But hey, maybe I'm wrong, I only played for a few minutes or so, because, honestley, this isn't a whole lot of fun. Sure it's entertaining to see a guy helplessly getting smashed into a bloody pulp down the largest flight of stairs ever, and it's fun to try and beat you score, but after the 20th time or so, it gets a little old. You get a 6, for effort.

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4.12 / 5.00

Jun 21, 2007
1:51 PM EDT
Simulation - Pet / Buddy