Ragdoll - Stair Fall 2

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http://www.kynetik-art.co m/view_Stairfall2.html

---- Deluxe version can be found @ http://www.hallpass.com/m edia/stairfall2.html ----
(delete the space between " m edia " )

- better blood
- more articulated ragdoll
- improved physics
- added challenge - walk ragdoll down safely (please capture/record this feat, id love to watch it)

Hurl a ragdoll down a flight of stairs to inflict as much pain as possible. Please leave a review with your best score.

-- Audio creds --
BGM Fat Boy Slim "Acid 8000" (resampled and looped)
SFX LucasArts (misc grunts from JK:JA)


Great idea

This is certainly an original idea, but it needs a little tuning up. Even on low quality this slows down to 5 FPS. Other than that, flinging people down stair cases is fun!!!

KynetiK-27 responds:

Hardlly original. Ironically enough the first practical demonstrations of ragdoll physics in the early days was in fact simulating stairfalls.

Could you tell me how fast your processor is? mine is 1.4Ghz and i rarely get below 15fps

574! (Best Score)

Nice and better sequel!


the secret for getting a high score, i only managed to get 471 which is no very good. I thought this was a great game ,i not sure how you got a really high score But i found getting the ragdoll to fly high, then hit the last few steps at the end seem to get me a high score. I though maybe this could have had more tips but still exellant funny game.

lol its okay

its pretty fun but try using new script this time. (btw i got 777 O_O)

KynetiK-27 responds:

the deluxe version @ hallpass has a different ragdoll script at play


I thought it was a pretty fun game.
My highest is 728.
Not very good, I bet you guys can beat it.
You can do better though.
I like Ragdoll Ricochet more cause it's not Stick Figures,
And it has better graphics.
I find it pretty fun to make then dance in Ragdoll Games! ^_^
But overall this was a really fun game!
Keep up the good work! :)

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4.12 / 5.00

Jun 21, 2007
1:51 PM EDT
Simulation - Pet / Buddy