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301 Dalmations

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This is an idea I had after seeing Frank Miller's '300'.
The first half of the flash is a parody of '300' while the rest is just other stuff I threw in.

Note: This is the 're-do. I did my best to fix the syncing problems (don't think it worked though), but also optimised the audio (File size went from 4.6 Mb to 2 Mb. Therefore: Me = Happy). I will continue to tweek the movie and fix the syncs but at the moment have no time.

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Cool animation!

I really enjoyed your animation, especially the part with the mushroom cloud!


omg you finally finished it. lol it was good but i expected a different ending. did daniel really do the some of the voices cause they all sounded like you lol. anyways good work i decided to give up on my flash(super emo lol) and start anew maybe when im a better animator ill submit sumthin. see ya

I thought that this was an awesome flash.

A very well constructed flash. It encapsulated many if not all the elements i look for in a flash, i.e., Yugioh, dalmations, and 300. The reference to the climax of Lost was especially appealing to me as it is my opinion that the show is the worst series ever created, the producers and directors have no idea where the plot is going, and your parody reflects an ending that would be fitting for the show; it is this that makes it particuarly amusing. I look forward to seeing future productions that will perhaps include more of spoody and daniel.
Yours sincerely,

Not Bad

I liked the concept very clever, I didn't really like the music however some of it was a tad annoying. Also tell Daniel to speak up you can barely hear Cruella Deville.
I see your sound got out of sync maybe if you converted your scenes to movie clips you might have some success.
Oh well I'm out buddy put more stuff up.


... i found this video very... good... i enjoyed the music, even though the cool battle music WAS spoiled a bit by the crappy, piss weak guitar, the story was shortened, and the humour was..... let's just say 'AWW, LAME!' :)
Even so, it WAS based on Frank Miller... so the style is automatically 10... and the haystack DID kinda redeem u... a bit.
Overall, this was a pretty rad Flash.. just promise me to never, EVER appropriate Frank Miller again..... ok.
i give this a 10.
Oh, and Emerald-Fox...
Just because ou CAN break the fourth wall, doesn't mean you HAVE TO.... OKAY?
That being said, well done.

Credits & Info

3.70 / 5.00

Jun 21, 2007
11:06 AM EDT

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