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Fletcher Fields 9

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My 80th movie!!!

The 9th in the "Fletcher Fields" series.

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Oh well...

I gained courage and i saw all the FF episodes...
Seeing them i start to asking myself:

*How could a nice animations as the 1st becoming bad, bad, bad...for each episode?
*How there are people that gives 5s to these one or to the one before?
*Who is menkeninzo or whatever...?

It is sad that your animations become even more stupid... they have started so well...
So... I will not judge you for making this kind of animations but we both know you can do better...


ive been watching these for a couple of days now just hoping that you could come up with something original and funny but i guess all uve managed to do is insult people and waste newgrounds time... wont someone plzzzzzzzzz get rid of these things... they suck!!!

wallpaperman responds:

why do you wanna get rid of them so bad :\

just dont watch them

jeez is it me or is everyone without a profile who writes reviews a complete fucktard


I TOTALLY agree with oddler 8)

keep making these, im getting many protection points :P

wallpaperman responds:

lol, its like the opposite of the review below.

You're very funny

I like the Fletcher Series. They're good; keep making them. I love the way you reply to most of your reviews and how hardcore you flame people that hate your videos. It cracks me UP. Umm...oh yeah btw, I just spend the last hour flagging reviews in every single one of your Flash movies. LOL

I'd have to say keep up the GREAT WORK. Don't stop making these Fletcher movies; they're pretty damn funny!

wallpaperman responds:

lol thanks i never expected people to read through my replies XD

this movie was about one of those reviewers harharharharhar

thanx for the compliments (=


ha ha ha...I am teh Flash animator! Ah ha ha ha ha...I draw! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!1 Time to publish it and place it on Newgrounds! Ha ha ha...tihs is my 80th movie, i hope yuo liek. LOL ROFL LOL ROFL LOL ROFL!!1 Let's see here...Oh! Turd of the week, thank you very much! Appreciate -- AHH LOOK OUT FLYING KNIFE!!1

wallpaperman responds:

the knive of dead will get you.

he will get you, stabb you and kill you.