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OK..... We made this movie about a year & a half ago so some of the refrences are really outdated but wot are u gna do? This was made before i learnt flash & is made using only windows movie maker & microsoft paint so do say "oooooohhhh.... the graphics are shit!" id like to see you make a movie using paint & movie maker & hav all the graphics wiggle like this. The opening scene's animation is fucked up for some reason (sorry!). If u hav any complaints, send them to Bill Gates.

For more stupid stuff go to wtfindustries.tripod.com or seach "wtfindustries" on youtube.


Well that was... random. FPS could've been smoother, but the skits were all brutal fun. Bambi, Batman, lmao, all the classics deprived of humanity and... normality I guess. One thing that'd improve this: smoothing on the brushes. Keep it going!



three cheers 4 wtfindustries!!!

cool one

that was an interesting animation. it had some nice graphics in it, cool audio and it offered some pretty nice humour and entertainment. i think it could've been uploaded when you first made it, but better late then never i suppose.

it was good

This is just like robot chicken just that robot chicken has better graphics. i liked it plz make more!


ok dude
1. graphics i would a hole lot better if ithad better graphics
2. its funny and you've got a great sense of humer keep it up
3. put some backround images on some of the pictures thats where you kinda sliped
4. put music into it to put the finishing touches on it

Wtfindustries1 responds:

Thanks but if you read the my comments, it says that it was drawn in paint so the graphics cant be improved much! Thanks for the good review!

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2.57 / 5.00

Jun 20, 2007
3:31 PM EDT
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