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EDIT: Yeah, I know the music cuts out before the end... but never mind. This is my first ever flash cartoon.

First things first, this is NOT A TRAILER.

Which is quite a contradiction to the title. This is a trailer, but because the scripts haven't been written yet (we only have vague outline of each episode) none of this footage is ever going to go into the actual show. Therefore, this is a finished project. The trailer. That is all it is, and when I actually make the series, it will be something different. That is my reasoning for putting this in the main portal.

Doctor Who: The Animated Series is going to be a flash animated Doctor Who cartoon series. Yes, pretty self explanatory isn't it.

Anyway, there will be 10 stories, each one made up of 3 6-8 minutes episodes or 6 6-8 minute episodes (two parters.)

It is designed for Doctor Who fans so don't expect to get all of it if yu haven't seen the show, but, hopefully you'll like it anyway.


Never really been into this series, but this makes me want to watch it. It's a tension that spans through the times, fluid and effectful animation, fastpaced and varied, monstrous and telephonic... nice work!


Very well done. I thought this was excellent, especially for your first animation.


This seems interesting...

...New doctor?

And the drawing style is like scott pilgrim to me


Id love to see a whole series like this :)

(sits alone in the theater right before the PSA's)


(clap. Clap. Clap)


(bambi eyes.)

How can I watch this if the magic of the show has been spoiled for me by Men in Black special effects artists?

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Jun 20, 2007
1:37 PM EDT
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