Fletcher Fields 7

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My 78th movie.

The 7th in the "Fletcher Fields" series.
Enjoy! Especially you mekeninzo you faggot!


The all famous one

Well I see ole paperman's finally got fed up with me... and In case anyone was wondering... I am Mekeninzo *Holy light music*

Well If anyone wants the back story here it is... ever since the first episode of the series was released I have been reviewing everyone of these flashes and rating them all zeros... and giving advice on how to improve on his flash work and to stop harrassing the reviewers... in addition to that every day I always make sure to vote 0 for every episode... (thats where my experiance comes from :) and now me and wally... (thats his new nickname!!!) are rivals...

and so It has taken us to this piont where he has started making episodes based around me which I must add oddly enough actually gives a point to the series... maybe not the best one... but at least it's an improvement... thus I add an extra overal point to any of the series episodes that contain this...

even so... there is still much work to be done to deem this a proper series so I shall still give out my critical remarks about this series where episodes may appear...

so on to the improvements....

#1 Make characters at least as well drawn as fletch guy...
#2 Drop the music and get something else it's getting old...
#3 Maybe add some different themes...
#4 Advance the plot to stage 2...
#5 have tacos.. everyone loves tacos...

To Wally (A.K.A - Wallpaperman)
and Glad to see you've taken me up on adding new characters to the series :) hope to see more inprovements soon...


this was teh best yet

wallpaperman responds:

yesh just wait til 8

One of the gooder ones, even

Good work man. I like the way you've handled this since episode 1. And seriously, people, settle the fuck down.

wallpaperman responds:

thankyou pete :D

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2.02 / 5.00

Jun 20, 2007
1:24 PM EDT
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