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i m developing some games in the same time. this one is an old one.
Enjoy :). I made the songs with the "fruity loop" sytrus synth exclusively...
Enjoy :)

about the control : It look hard. but not really.
you must click to the oposite of the movement. the ship didn't really follow the mouse.

if you click at the top.
you must click at the bottom with the same strenght to stop your ship.
like in the space :)


great work

good game play... gave me a challenge i liked it

good game

maybe to control a real ship in space will be not so difficult like in ur game..! but is very well done! congratulations

very nice

this is avery well done games. i have seen a lot like this with the gravity moveing the shop and stuff but i gota say this one is the best. you made the graphics really nice, the sound was really good,and YOU PUT IN A EASY MEDIUM OR HARD SETTING!!!!! most games like this lack that and finally one that has it good work and cant wait to see what else you come up with. :)


I give this game:
Graphics: 8. fit very well for the weird "empty space" theme
Style: 9. You are alone. Period. That sort of feeling, accompanied
by the weird music, makes it sorta spine-chilling.
Sound: 10. It is the perfect "space" music. I find it hard to belive that he made it all!
Violonce: 5. But for that matter, it dosn't even apply!
Gameplay: 9. Very very good. the controls feel good, though I would have liked a brake function.
Overall: 9. It sure as hell won't compare to Pico 2, but it will keep you ocuppied.
Did I spell that right?

This game is superb!

As far as these gravity-based games where motion is cancelled by thrust in the opposite direction I've yet to see a better one.

The graphics were about as good as you can get for the style of the game. The still images were excellent, and the animation and special effects were outstanding. The transparencies were flawless from what I could tell.

The controls were great. It's so simple to play. Although I have to say that most people are used to the arrow keys, I like very much what you've done here.

I also liked how the ship had a top speed rather than being able to become a blur on the screen.

The physics-simulation seemed perfect to me. Very, very smooth.

Your game is excellent. You've made my favorite authors and your game has made my favorites, too. Great job! 5 from me.

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3.68 / 5.00

Jun 20, 2007
9:38 AM EDT
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