Ninja Mart Episode 1

June 20, 2007 –
April 4, 2011
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Author Comments

Ninja Mart is a Mortal Kombat Sprite Movie, Where Scorpion, Sub-Zero and Reptile run there own convenience store! Who knows what kinds of crazy shenanigans will go on!


Well the movie is good,but if it's your first movie I think it should at least a little longer

but it gave me a good laugh a 5\5 for you.

I thought Scorpion was supposed to be in this? It was good, but a little confusing

I've seen all the episodes and they are awesome! keep making these!

Well i thought you did very well here and used the mortal kombat sprites to full comedic value and i liked the sound effects that you added into this flash, i thought the only thing that was missing though was voice acting for the characters rather then just subtitles. Overall a pretty funny flash.


The only real problem i see with this flash is the fact that it is so short...i think that you should few more minuets to your films and go more over the top with the comedy...it was pretty funny but there wasnt enough to laugh at...oh and get rid of the loop.

lol loved the iced floor no one ever reads signs of wet floors ever

I love the humor in it [especially because Johnny Cage has a small penis in this one] but it really does need to be longer. The humor is good, but exaggerate it more. . . Go crazy, it's mortal kombat. Good job.

I kinda liked it.
Ways to improve:
1. Voice acting
2. More humor
3. Longer
Besides that, It was awesome

Get rid of the loop, first off. Otherwise not bad for no voice acting, even though the uh icy floor sketch wasn't too funny. Make it longer with another scene too. I think the idea of the supermarket :D

i loved it! are u workin on teh 2nd one yet?


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2.65 / 5.00