Versus The Red Saber

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Well this may not seem like it, but this took me 2 months! Just because of the lighting effects and the alignments.If it does well i am already 3 months into the development of the 2 minute fight which should be down next week, well only if this makes it. Thank you!



Well, you seriously need to improve. For one, There were no menus or buttons, the movie was only in one corner of the screen, It had some funky flashes, and it just restarted without a replay button. The music was ok and so were the grapics. And for some reason, that was like 3 seconds but it was 4 Megs!!!!!!!!!!!
Learn some more before reposting.

not much to say

it could've been better:

needs voice acting

kickass song in the background

it was too small

just a little more effort and its onn


make the actual flash the size of the player, besides that i wanna see more, well done even for just a sprite flash

Not bad

Everything ramses5 said plus make it bigger. PM me when you finish the full version.

Not too bad

I do think you did a decent job in making this, but it would've been better if you gave some kind of introductory story and some background. You should also stop the music from looping endlessly. It'd be better if it at least a little bit connected to the movie. I'd like to see what your next one is like.

vercetti0014 responds:

Yes, i am going to add in some introductory and story like that. thank you for feedback

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Jun 19, 2007
9:43 PM EDT
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