A Short Beating

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Woot decent score I thought this was going to get blammed the minute I put on it on here thanks everyone!

Hey newgrounders! This is my VERY first
claymation and flash movie so please go easy on me. Me and TechFlash were bored at a sleepover and I decided to make my first claymation with TechFlash's voice talent enjoy!



I give you a full 10 out of 10 for this smooth claymation! :)
Also i favourited it


it wasn't terrible. on the downside, you clay figures looked a lot like knox's, and it wasn't really funny at all. on the upside, you had a nice smooth animation, so overall, it's not bad at all.


Whoa, you think that we don't like this cause Tech_flash was in it? Bullcrap man, this is a plain rip off and a humorless film.

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chewbacca925 responds:

have you ever made a movie? NO


I don't care who the hell made this, it sucked and you rip off Knox. Once again TechFlash showed how big of a fag he can be by posting a reply where he whines...

Take a hint, a majority of people thing this crap sucks, and you rip off Knox.

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chewbacca925 responds:

gah, this aint techflash this is chewbacca!

Holy Sh*t this sucks.

Way to go TechFlash! I loved how you stole knox's claymen, and I also was fascinated on how you stole his style, but by some magical force, it wasn't even humorous at all! OMFG this is a real masterpiece you got here, and you could easily be considered the new knox, considering that you implemented his claymen in this original and humorous piece of work. NOT.

Since it probably took a crapload of brainpower and originality to formulate the jokes, and since you probably worked your ass off on the violent scenes of pure action, I'm giving you a well deserved zero, IN EVERYTHING! I hope you enjoy this little moral too, since I wrote it just for you: DON't COPY KNOX

chewbacca925 responds:

go fuck yourself this isn't techflash's work this is my work techflash only did a voice in it. Quit writing shit reviews just because you don't like his work.

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2.58 / 5.00

Jun 18, 2007
10:58 PM EDT
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