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Some interpreters suggest that Leviathan is a symbol of mankind in opposition to God, claiming that it and beasts mentioned in the books of Daniel and Revelation should be interpreted as metaphors. The usage of Leviathan in the Old Testament books (Isaiah 27:1) would seem to be a reference to a Semitic mythological beast mentioned in Ugaritic literature (of Ugarit, a city-state in North Syria). According to Canaanite myth, the Leviathan was an enemy of order in Creation and was slain by the Canaanite god Baal. The word Leviathan to the ancient Jews became synonymous with that which warred against God's kingdom. This especially included nations warring against Israel such as Assyria and Egypt.



First off,...no i don't have a flash submitted yet, but i will have something completed this weekend, hopefully today. Ok, now that that is takin care of, dude... why waste all our time on this?
You told no story, you just copied a painting into flash with some music, although the music was good. Let's see some more effort next time. Congrats on the turd of the week though....

StagBeetle responds:

Flash by fallinfrog:
- none -

This is the only one that i gave this low a score.

I know i don't have any flash submitted but i can do the same thing you just did in about 10 minutes on a linux computer. This is really bad. Try again.

StagBeetle responds:

Flash by Skelto:
- none -


it would be much better if you animated the story, instead of just a painting or whatever.

StagBeetle responds:

Flash by ADHD1134:
- none -

No...just no.

Honestly; why did you submit this?

I can appreciate the story behind it, but in truth, this isn't any good. Sorry mate.

StagBeetle responds:

Flash by Jaise:
- none -

this movie stinks

make mor pics or somethin cuz it stinks cuz it gets boring if u look at it for a while... and change the music from time 2 time

StagBeetle responds:

Flash by deadguy5000:
- none -

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0.73 / 5.00

Jun 18, 2007
10:47 PM EDT
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