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Some interpreters suggest that Leviathan is a symbol of mankind in opposition to God, claiming that it and beasts mentioned in the books of Daniel and Revelation should be interpreted as metaphors. The usage of Leviathan in the Old Testament books (Isaiah 27:1) would seem to be a reference to a Semitic mythological beast mentioned in Ugaritic literature (of Ugarit, a city-state in North Syria). According to Canaanite myth, the Leviathan was an enemy of order in Creation and was slain by the Canaanite god Baal. The word Leviathan to the ancient Jews became synonymous with that which warred against God's kingdom. This especially included nations warring against Israel such as Assyria and Egypt.


the same

graphics: (3) the intro thing was cool lookin

style: (0) its the same as most of the stuff your little group does

sound: (3) not a bad song but its wasted on useless crap

violence: (0) none

interactivity: (1) you had a play button lol...

humor: (2) i find its funny that you people waste you time( probly about 5 mins) on useless crap like this

overall: 2

P.S. you dont need to make flash to recognize crap- hence the term turd of the week

StagBeetle responds:

Flash by peunk:
- none -


To name one good thing, I'd have to say that the music is good. Still, I believe this submission kinda puts shame to the name of that ancient demoness (not saying I follow them or anything, but she's high ranking, whether good, evil, or summonable in a spiffy video game ;D) Try to add more to your flash than just a solitary pic and some music.

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StagBeetle responds:

Flash by Nyxbar:
- none -


Gave it a five for a decent picture, no style at all, sound was ok, no violence or interactivity, kinda made me laugh on how shity it was so a 2 on humor, well its the turd of the week so that makes sense. Make a flash that is actually entertaining, not a floating picture with music.

StagBeetle responds:

Flash by SuperMario2000:
- none -

you kind of expected a 2.5 for this

not a very good flash, I enjoyed the music and the fact that this wasn't the typical view, but you could of added the story that you told as a summary into the flash, instead of ...this

the guys on [rules one and two] would love this one though

StagBeetle responds:

yes it was a very nic song wasnt it

hey you won......a prize.....

i like it and ill be nice and give you a five on my vote

StagBeetle responds:

oh alright

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0.73 / 5.00

Jun 18, 2007
10:47 PM EDT
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