Wow Mentos Really Works

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Just another Mentos Commercial with a twist to it. =)
Like I already said...
If you like George Bush don't watch it.
This is my first flash cartoon so yeah...



no one likes bush.........

I don't think so.

First off, whats this have to do with mentos? A guy eats a mentos and goes and kills Bush?

Second, a guy could never waltz into the white house and kill the president. You obviously dont understand how much security there is.

Espcially a black man with a ski mask on.

The graphics were ok for ur first flash. Try to improve on that next time. the style was ok.. the sound was just a mentos commercial with a couple sound effects, not much variety. You could improve sounds next flash.

the violence was george bush was killed, and i couldnt find any humor. Im guessing it was supposed to funny tho right?

i voted 0/5

Icyfire777 responds:

Idk who got rid your post but if you got a grudge against this flash then you should go get a life man. Especially putting a lower score and putting the exact same thing

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You my, good have shown us all what we(americans that is) have been dreaming of. Also you didn't need to tell us that bush fans shoulden't watch CUZ THERE ARENT ANY BUSH FANS!!!!!! I hate the guy. anyway, graphics: alright but not good
style: Loved it
sound:very accurate
violence: he shot the prezident
Humor: not ten but tenthousand stars!!
overall: a great flash

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only in america

funny clip but only in america would you have to eat a lolly to think of shooting prez bush.im aussie and i think of shooting bush

Meh, political flash...

I liked it, a lot, but it's the kind of flash that votes won't tell if your flash is good or not; people will vote highly if they are anti-bush and lowly if they are pro-bush (the opposite is rare, I think). But I'm sure you didn't really care about that, you only wanted to give a message, and I liked it! ;)

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Icyfire777 responds:

True man
but if people who like Bush watch it, then they are idiots becuz I told them not to look at it.
thanks bro

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2.37 / 5.00

Jun 18, 2007
4:48 PM EDT
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