Lamb To The Slaughter

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WHOOT!!! This is the first flash I have ever made, I think it's pretty good fo a first flash(because I have seen REALLY bad first flashes). This is actually a project I'm doing in my english class(we had to make a game about one of the stories we read). Only me (and a seperate group) did computer games. I did everything(not counting the music).

Just for you people to know I am never working on this. I deleted all the files for this, I'm only keeping ot up because it has the lucky break of being my first flash.


Hmm, a mouse pointer without a white background maybe? :P That'd have been a start. Also pictures that fit the canvas, and buttons that stay on the same spot through different frames... so the interface could use an overhaul, but the game was fun. Nice work!


okay one

that was an alright game. rather strange overall, but the characters were alright, had a decent plot to it and it was cool to check out.

I've read this Short-Story before.

The main characters are Mary Maloney and the detectives right ?

Good job on this :)

Yah umm

It was alright for a begginer I have seen worst but um well...

The thing and only thing is wrong here is the interactivity if you made it so that your not leading the person for example you have four choices 3 of them are a game over...And that was through out the game. Make it more...choicible lol... other then that it was an ok game...

{} No No No

I mean , I COULDNT READ THE TEXT (that means that i can try but ill never actually can play the game how its ment to be played)

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1.64 / 5.00

Jun 18, 2007
1:00 AM EDT
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