Elemental Turret Defence

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Newgrounds! Here is a turret defence weve been working on for a while now. This game has a pretty long story to it that im not going to explain but hopefully we can get over it. Anyways , Hope you enjoy this action packed game. Report Any Glitches to me PLEASE. Also , GO THROUGH THE TUTORIAL! it helps out alot. Thanks! Also , thanks to my beta testers : Metal-Dart,Doomshock,Bitm apPirtae,Toasterdemon,Mr Womble,Sweet Skater,Salted Tator Tot,Rudynumber2. Thanks guys if i missed someone pm me ^^



it was good, just like any olther turret game. but wats his face is right, that turorial sucked. i didnt know i could upgrade them because for some reason i have to hold M while i click on them to upgrade? stupid. explain the upgrading part better but otherwise, it was good.

itsjms responds:

kk i updated.


So.. I read the terribly vague tutorial and began playing the game. I really had no clue what the hell I was doing, since the tutorial explained almost nothing. I tried placing all types of turrets and they seemed to do almost no damage. It was the 4th or so wave of the 1st level on the easiest setting and 10+ turrets couldn't kill them all. Maybe I'm missing something, but this game seems really terrible (unless someone can explain it... I shouldn't need to figure it out myself).

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itsjms responds:

not that hard.

This game was awesome

I really loved this game. The music was great. Graphics were spectacular. It was easy game play but it was very strategic. You had to make sure you put those turrets in the right location. I was excited when I saw this title on the portal. Turrets are really cool weapons. You both did an excellent job putting this flash together.

itsjms responds:



this game....was way too easy, i gave up after wave 20 and just watched my stacked laser things destroy until my enerygy ran out, sure the turrets don't do all that much but once you figure out that you can buy and stack the laser turrets....the game becomes way too easy, i've got no suggestions right now, listen to other people for those and take some into consideration

itsjms responds:

ok , i updated and made harder.

This game...

....is lacking. Your turrents did practically no damage to the enemies, the graphics were too plain, all of them missed and shot very unprecisely, the beginning enemies dealt way too much damage, plus, the idea has already been done way too many times before. I think you did put an effort into this, but there is still more work to be done to make it a challenging defense game. This was just way too hard with way too sissy turrents. Good try though.

~Keep improving

itsjms responds:

ok thanks.

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3.45 / 5.00

Jun 17, 2007
6:19 PM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense