Elemental Turret Defence

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Newgrounds! Here is a turret defence weve been working on for a while now. This game has a pretty long story to it that im not going to explain but hopefully we can get over it. Anyways , Hope you enjoy this action packed game. Report Any Glitches to me PLEASE. Also , GO THROUGH THE TUTORIAL! it helps out alot. Thanks! Also , thanks to my beta testers : Metal-Dart,Doomshock,Bitm apPirtae,Toasterdemon,Mr Womble,Sweet Skater,Salted Tator Tot,Rudynumber2. Thanks guys if i missed someone pm me ^^


thank you

this is one of the few things on NG im gonna be coming back to quite a few times nowadays thiers only a handful (less than 10 that i can find) of the turret defence games ont he whole web and out of all of them this is one of my favs i havent even played much but i love the interactive power that keeps you constantly thinking to manage the game though it could use a skip to next wave buttoon and maybe a quit option for people (such as myself) who hate losing a single life and want to restart and try the best combo's but it could also use maybe a few more soundtracks just to give it a much better kick sound effects especially would be good even if it's just drips for water turrest a fizzle for fire ect keep up the good work turret defence games are rare so you have very little to compete with on the entire internet and already you brough new elements to the genre that make yours stand out quite prominantly

sorry about no punctuation i suck at it :P

itsjms responds:

wow thanks for the good review.

that was a blast!

this was a very fun game to play. i wasn't planning on playing this game for a hour but it was very addictive.

it was had enough difference from the other tower defense games to keep me interested. great job :)

the only just have two things to gripe about:
1.) i think if i click on a turret i couldn't afford i'd get a messege across the playing field "not enough funding!" the annoying part is the messege would stay on screen until i clicked on a turret i could afford.

2.) i didn't understand why it would only let me place a certain number of those expensive laser turrets on screen. i'd click to add another one on screen only to see one of the turrets already on screen disapeared.

but besides those two reletavily small things this was a flipping awesome game :D!!

itsjms responds:

lol im sry , there are a few gltiches but thanks for the good review.

awesome but...

you need to shorten the wave time for higher lvls(like after ten) and make it harder(i was at lvl 15 and they couldnt get past the first turn)

itsjms responds:

ok thanks.


good game but my hands are killing me and i now have carpril tunnel.....i hope your happy

itsjms responds:



Not that great. Hard to place the towers, and it was kind of unbalanced.

itsjms responds:

Come on.

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3.45 / 5.00

Jun 17, 2007
6:19 PM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense