Elemental Turret Defence

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Newgrounds! Here is a turret defence weve been working on for a while now. This game has a pretty long story to it that im not going to explain but hopefully we can get over it. Anyways , Hope you enjoy this action packed game. Report Any Glitches to me PLEASE. Also , GO THROUGH THE TUTORIAL! it helps out alot. Thanks! Also , thanks to my beta testers : Metal-Dart,Doomshock,Bitm apPirtae,Toasterdemon,Mr Womble,Sweet Skater,Salted Tator Tot,Rudynumber2. Thanks guys if i missed someone pm me ^^



It was alright, but there are way better TD games. It was kinda boring because all you had to do was build one type of turret, then sell them all and buy lasers. I stopped playing when my expensive turrets started disappearing when I would build new ones.

Does this game ends?

This game is fun and, as you said, it's elemental. It doesn't have any new things, exept for the power thing, which I though was pretty good and original.
Besides that, the game wasn't very creative. There are lots of turret defence games on NG, and some of them are much better than this one.
The graphics were kinda bad, the aliens were basicaly the same, only the colors changed. The sounds weren't bad, I liked them.
Some things are lacking in this game. First, a pause button, it's always good to have one. You need to make new types of enemies, just those aliens were repetitive and made the waves look always the same.
I've also noticed two things that were bad. First, does this game ever ends? I've reached wave 30 and nothing happened. There were so many laser turrets that the game started to lag pretty much. Second, is it possible to pass 5 waves in difficult mode? It's just a small staight line!
It's a nice game, but I don't know if it end and if it's possible to win (but losing is pretty easy :D).


im with the guy below me (create ur own maps thing)

Good game ...

Its a wonderful game to play, one of the best TD's I've seen out there, but the only problem I really have is that there should be a selection for maps, bigger maps, and maybe even a way to make our own maps (but confined to a certain space, of course). It would add a new flavor to the game, for each map would require a different tactic. But, nonetheless, good game and ... I've got carpal tunnel syndrome thanks to the power.... wasnt there a building that is supposed to help you make power, like it takes over the power making part of my life? ^.^ Well, if you continue to make great TD's, such as this one, I just might love you forever! <3

Peace... the fu-- . . .

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your just a copy cat that type of game has bin out for years and years and you diddnt add anything interesting to it this is a realy weak game and for future if your gonna copy something make shure it has a improvement somewere

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3.45 / 5.00

Jun 17, 2007
6:19 PM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense