Elemental Turret Defence

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Newgrounds! Here is a turret defence weve been working on for a while now. This game has a pretty long story to it that im not going to explain but hopefully we can get over it. Anyways , Hope you enjoy this action packed game. Report Any Glitches to me PLEASE. Also , GO THROUGH THE TUTORIAL! it helps out alot. Thanks! Also , thanks to my beta testers : Metal-Dart,Doomshock,Bitm apPirtae,Toasterdemon,Mr Womble,Sweet Skater,Salted Tator Tot,Rudynumber2. Thanks guys if i missed someone pm me ^^


Good yet missing slightly

Good idea. pretty good execution. but the graphics are like half-assed and the music is even worse. cool idea with the generator though. still like no customization to your turrets. your lucky I really like defense games (especially the ones YOU can't fight in).

itsjms responds:

ok well , there are upgrades...


I'm really mad. I don't really like this game but I still gave it a 4 overall. I don't like it mainly because it was my big brother, Noob-Toast AKA Novie that did almost all ofthe AS. Please, Take out Laser Turret, Powergenerator, and Money Extractor. These we're created by Noob-Toast and you clearly said you would take out his stuff. Also, please take out Power Extractor. That was my idea that I thought up.

itsjms responds:

we took his stuff out.

good concept

yea love this game..

btw im already addicted to it..

itsjms responds:


I got Turrets syndrome from this, fuckshittycocker

You could have done a lot with this (that's what people say when they didn't much appreciate the thing or action presented). I loved the idea of the strict path and building up fortifications around it, but all that was there were a few turrets with no sound effects and enemies who would slip by all to often unless the area was covered with so many turret dots that it looked like the face of a kid going through puberty.

itsjms responds:

yeah :/


not the best but awesome.It needs some work. Here some tips:
put less time between wave.
make other ememys
Other paths
and i dont how to fix it but fix the gold. I got 305,090 gold. It's really easy. you just buy 20 laser things. Overall it was great

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3.45 / 5.00

Jun 17, 2007
6:19 PM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense