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Handmation 8

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18/6/07 Forgot to mention earlier, this is my 40th submission!
Sorry for the lack of Handmations in the last couple of months or so, I've been busy with exams. Luckily, they're all over now, so I can focus on animation!

In this installment, my left hand plays with some random junk in my room, including a Nintendo DS, some cards, paper and more plasticine!

Oh yeah, music by SineRider!

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This would garner attention on Youtube!

I love it, It's amazing how much time and effort your willingly pour into these things. Please submit these to youtube, I'm sure it will garner an unbelievable amount of attention if you just persuade a few individuals to watch it. Then make a webiste. And before you know it, you're on the picture box. :)

I didn't like it.

Wow. This has a great idea, but it really was not pulled off correctly. It was very choppy, and I could tell you were running out of ideas as the animation went on. I admire the length, just not the animation. It has a great idea to it, but it just was, well.... not good.
Take a look at some of my stopmotions. There's a chance that you might get some ideas.
Also, My biggest suggestion is to get a good idea and stick with it.
Good luck.

M4KBOT responds:

I'm not going to tip-toe around the fact that i've run out of ideas because its true. It has been a very successful series so far and its a shame you didn't like it. The frame rate takes a hit when I convert it unto Flash, its usually much smoother.

50 characters is almost not enough

There is a great look and feel to your idea. You pull it off very well. If only we can get captain geofrey into this girls school then we can finally settle the score!

quite good

could the master hand top that?


Trippy and pretty cool

M4KBOT responds:

glad you liked it!