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Fletcher Fields 3

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My 73rd movie.

The third in the "Fletcher Fields" series.


Doing my best to put a dent in evil...

Yeah... I've got to say... this has to be my favorite series to hate...
You don't even have to watch the episode to know what the content is.... onto critisizm....

First of all insulting reviewers just ends up resulting in people like me that have too much free time trying to how do we say... titanic effect on series... or something... -I get like this with sugar-

Yes.. I'm gonna say this in EVERY review... you need a plot... and time for something different... larger varay of characters might spice things up... also some different landscapes might make a nice change... oh now I've come up with an idea for a series... ehehe... you better pray I never learn to make flash *EVIL SMILE* well anyway back on track.... you're capable of better yada yada...
talent yada better usage... you get the point...

wallpaperman responds:

actually i hope you do. =)

hmm you must really have no life. is reviewing fletcher fields the high point of each day for you?

Ill admit it.

I laughed.

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wallpaperman responds:

what the fuck?

yet u reviewed #1 giving it all 0's and saying it was shit.

fuck you chad, fuck you.

Now Usually I wouldn't do this...

The flash was weak just because it is hoping to get past the portal, but I have to say the ending made me laugh, and the graphics weren't horrible. So I gave you a passing vote, good luck :)

wallpaperman responds:

im honoured

same as FF2

except with vote five added

wallpaperman responds:

Message from TheLoneReviewer:
My rules for reviewing movies are based in two categories: Visual and Thematic Content. I dislike clich├ęs, hateful content, and spelling errors. If I don't like your flash, but it is worthy of being in the portal I will vote 2 to support it.

This review contained NONE of the above. Im very dissapointed in you, lonereviewer

A Dadaist Masterpiece

Impeccable Wit, a Cast of Loveable Characters, and terrific Humour make this by far the best thing on newgrounds.

wallpaperman responds:

why thankyou my kind sirs.

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Credits & Info

2.13 / 5.00

Jun 17, 2007
5:49 PM EDT
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