Reaching The Moon 1HC

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Made for the half hour challenge, where we had half an hour to make a flash movie, and see which does best. Its very short, and not my best but I hope you enjoy. Just something kinda stupid :)
So made in 30 minutes, but enjoy. The other enty is "powned" by st1k



Well not much happens but i respect the fact that you produced this in thirty minutes as the idea was pretty creative. I liked the character design for the pink dude and the grassy scenery was well drawn. I thought the sound effect at the end of the ladder crashing was good and the music piece over the credits was great. Overall a nicely done short and i hope to see more attempts from the character on reaching for the moon in future installments.


eh, it was allright

personaly, i liked your friend's better. this idea was pretty cool, and given more time, it could've been implimented better, butit's not what it coulda been.

This one won

For a 30-minute contest, this turned out really good. You should make a series of short clips like this. And I think your friend's movie is getting blammed.

for a 30 minute competition

it's turned out pretty well.

Out of this one and your friends I like this one better.

As unofficial judge I proclaim you the winner, E-cookies for everyone!

ToasterDemon responds:

Thanks. :P The winner is determined by the one that gets the highest score here on ng :P


It's an OK movie. I think you could improve it by having the main character try more ways to reach the moon (and eventually end up hurting himself). The sound was alright. Graphics need some improvements. You know the rest.

ToasterDemon responds:

thanks, with the short time limit, it was hard to make a lot happen. Thanks though :D

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2.44 / 5.00

Jun 16, 2007
11:48 PM EDT
Comedy - Original