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Barnyard Shenanigans(old)

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I hope you have as much fun playing with the music as I do beating up old women!



omg what was that?


although the actual animation is pretty short and routine, the loader, and random critic comments were hilarious, actually probably one of the most amusing loaders I've seen, the comment pass the bacon was definitely the funniest, but all of them together really put a smile on my face.

-[Epic Review Quest Review]-

Why'd you explode the cat?

Anyways, the movie moved a tiny bit too slow.

I think many of you have missed the point.

Well it seems everyone is voting this into the ground because of its rather dated looking style, and perhaps (now) overused humour.

You gotta remember chaps and chapesses that this flash is nearly 8 years old! At the time the visuals were waay above average and the comic timing is, well timeless. This a little bit of Newgrounds history, i even recall Tom Fulp stating that this was one of his favorite portal submissions ever many years ago, and i think he had a point.

It doesnt deserve a 5 on the ratings anymore, or a 10 in the reviews (space must be, and has been made for newer artists and styles). But if you are going to review flash that may have been published before many of you were able to properly talk or read than have some respect! ;)

It still made me chuckle!

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this is senseless. it's just a bunch of animal pictures that get "blown up". the backgrounds look terrible and it seems that you put in no effort while drawing them.
at least the images of the animals were cut out pretty well and the gunshot sound was ok, too.
but other than that this movie seems so useless to me... there's no story, no plot and no humour in this one.

add more content (like a story) to your flashes and put some more effort in creating the backgrounds.

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Credits & Info

3.65 / 5.00

Apr 28, 2000
7:01 PM EDT
Comedy - Original