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Solar Sternstem 04

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Author Comments

Sternman reaches the meteor feild.


Hope he makes it out okay.

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Message for Sternman - plz make sure he gets it!

Dear Sternie,

This is Dee. I am your biggest fan. When I saw how brave you were to go to space, I had to take off my bra and squeeze my titties really hard. Then I rubbed my crotch up and down the furniture and slapped my own ass with a hairbrush. I want you inside me. I want you inside me. I WANT YOU INSIDE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!
ps- by that, I mean that I want you to fuck my vagina with your penis, just so nobody gets confused. Thanks :)

A quick and short laugh but not really NG materiel

Graphics and sprites were ok liked the dot particles were simple and looked alright. Humor was funny for a sec but there was not really a point to the flash... nothing to interact with maybe change the game so you can make the guy fly or throw asteroids at him. But overall I say not worth the time to watch it.

possibly-yodd responds:


Stern but fair

I love Sternman. Therefore, you deserve a 5/5. Funny movie btw.

possibly-yodd responds:

Sternman is too stern for review.

But thanks.

A great flash achievement.

Such artists as yourselves should be rewarded with all the gold on the sun.

possibly-yodd responds:

I love you too.

Quite memorable and understood.

A achievement beyond human comprehension and a blast of pure creativity. Such a refreshing outlook on current worldly states that brings us all together and ushering in a new era of hope and dreams for countless people.a pure mindset with a constant fascination and and interest in human personality and the markings of a new beginning.
Thus intended to be some of the greatest minds brought together to achieve what has long been thought impossible but has been achieved and proven with such grace and ability.


possibly-yodd responds: